Top Places For A Bike Lover To Ride

The trend towards green living seems to be here to stay with more and more people making life choices that benefit the earth and themselves. Take biking for example – formerly the mode of transport for your local “tree hugger,” biking is rapidly becoming the go-to choice of transportation for more and more Americans.

Biking provides an ideal means of getting around many cities throughout the world. Some cities are extremely conducive to this lifestyle, and these cities provide a great experience for locals as well as tourists. This guide will share some of the best cities in the world for biking, in which provide a safe and beautiful ride. Below are a bike lover top places to ride:


Many people know that Amsterdam, Netherlands is great for bikers. It didn’t get the title of the “Bike Capital of the World” for no reason. Maybe it’s because 40% of the traffic in Amsterdam, is actually through bikers! It shows in the people as everyone is pretty fit and healthy looking.

The city provides bike sheds throughout the different neighborhoods. At one time there was a problem with theft, but this has solved that problem. These sheds are all protected by security. The cities train station is building more storage room for bikes that can keep up to 10,000 bikes! As a tourist, you’ll enjoy strolling around and checking all the fabulous experiences the culture of Amsterdam offers.


The next city on the list is Portland, Oregon. This is a gorgeous city and biking is an excellent way to take it in. The biking culture has grown tremendously over the past few years, particularly since the city has put more money into creating a better biking experience.

The city offers a commuter program for low-income adults with their bikes as well as a course on commuter safety. For a beautiful ride, check out some of the off road trails the city offers. If you choose to ride along the streets, you can enjoy the safety of the street lanes specifically designated for riders and the traffic signals.


At number three, we have Copenhagen, Denmark. This city has created a system which has been so successful that nearly every resident of Copenhagen owns a bike. There’s a reason this city was referred to as “The City of Bikes.”

The city puts a lot of money behind growing the convenience and safety of biking in the city. Of the workforce, 30% or more all bike to work. They even have a neighborhood in the city that doesn’t allow cars, which makes it a great place for bikers. There are areas throughout the city where bikes can be rented for free.

There are many great cities throughout the world for biking. These three have made the top places, and are highly recommended biking places; if you ever find the time to visit any of these places. They’re all safe and bike-friendly cities, so hop on your bike, and you’ll fit right in!

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